Homeownership Program

The MHT Homeownership program aims to help bridge the gap between the rising cost of Methow Valley homes and the modest wages many local residents live on. Our community land trust model of homeownership allows for eligible, local residents to afford the purchase of one of our homes.

Who is served by the Methow Housing Trust?

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Canyon Street homeowners 2019

Canyon Street homeowners 2019

What is a Community Land Trust?

  • A family or individual purchases a house that sits on land owned by the community land trust.

  • Affordability is created through a community investment in the development of the permanently affordable homes.

  • The homeowners lease the land from the community land trust in a long-term (often 99-year), renewable lease.

  • The homeowners agree to sell the home at a restricted price to keep it affordable in perpetuity, but they may be able to realize appreciation from improvements they make while they live in the house.

For a quick overview of the process, see the video below from Grounded Solutions

Homeownership Partners

Methow Housing Trust is proud to collaborate with strategic partners to connect community members with housing opportunities.

Partners include: The Methow Valley Business Community