Be sure you meet the eligibility requirements before applying!

I meet the eligibility requirements and I’m ready to apply. What’s next?

Six Steps to Homeownership with MHT

To begin an application, make an appointment with a Methow Housing Trust staff member.  Call 996-5943, or email

Step One: Initial meeting with MHT Staff:

When meeting with MHT staff to apply, please bring with you:

  1. Two (2) most recent pay stubs for all adults (18 and older) in your household

  2. Any other applicable income documentation such as:
    • Evidence of child support
    • A year-to-date profit and loss statement and balance sheet, if you are self-employed
    • Any other income documentation, including Disability, Social Security, or SSI statements

  3. The last 2 years of signed tax returns

  4. The last 2 years of W2s

  5. Most recent 2 months of bank statements for all bank, retirement, or investment accounts

  6. Asset documentation (Including: savings accounts, real estate, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, boats, art collections. DOES NOT include household possessions, cars, tool, pensions or retirement accounts.)

  7. Credit report. You can print a free credit report at

  8. Completed Homekeeper Application form

  9. After meeting with MHT staff, if you would like to submit an application to purchase, there will be a $30 application fee.

 Step Two:  Pre-qualifying with a Lender

  • Initial meeting with lender as assigned by MHT

  • Once pre-qualified, you will be placed in the pre-qualified applicant pool

Mortgage lending for community land trust homes includes unique circumstances and requires specific expertise. Before consulting with a lender, please talk with us about the many available lending options.

Step Three:  Qualifying

  • Reviewed MHT’s Ground Lease Policy

  • Reviewed sample CCR’s for your neighborhood

  • Signed Intent to Purchase (Commitment to purchase a home from Methow Housing Trust) and paid $100 commitment fee

Step Four:  Purchasing

  • Work with your CLT approved Lender and provide necessary financial documents. This process takes 45-90 days.

  • Order an inspection of the house (Not required for new construction)

  • Shop for home owner’s insurance.

Step Five:  Education and Community Building

  • Attended a Homebuyer Education class (One 5 hour class or online class—list will be provided)

  • Joined MHT ($20 membership)

  • Met with MHT resident

  • Attended at least one homeowners’ group, MHT board meeting, or MHT annual membership meeting

Step Six: Final Step

  • Sign a Purchase & Sale Agreement and pay $500 in Earnest Money to secure specific home and Move In after closing!