MHT Business Members

We are thrilled to have the support of local business partners who share a commitment to building long-term solutions to our community's housing needs.  The generosity of the business community allows us to develop and preserve affordable workforce housing for residents of the Methow Valley.  Please join us in thanking and supporting these businesses!

“Affordable homeownership is a necessity for seasonal communities such as ours.  In short, we need to seriously address the shortage of housing for our service employees ... If we want to provide high quality services and experiences for our community and visitors, we need a stable housing market and a community who comes together to make that a priority.”  Lindsay Evans East 20 Pizza, Foundational Business Member

If you would like to enroll your business as a member, e-mail or call us at 996-5943

Foundational Business Members (3 year/$1800 commitment)

"As a business owner, it is imperative to be involved in finding solutions for the issues that we face. We simply must provide spaces that people can afford to live in. The rental market is extremely limited, and the Methow Housing Trust tackles this firsthand" Jacob Young, Old School House Brewery, Foundational Business Member

Business Members

"We see and hear on a daily basis how full-time working folks either cannot find a place to live, or cannot afford one. This impacts employment greatly and causes distress in the work place.  When our workers cannot find a place to live, they often move on to other towns where housing is more affordable and available. This narrows the hiring pool immensely." Kori Burwell, Twisp River Suites, Business Member

In-Kind Business Members

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